Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my brain=dead

so i am currently sitting on my bed trying to get myself to write a paper slash maybe start studying for the week to come. i hate this part of school. i feel like my brain instantly turns off, which is really inconvinent since i need that for school. however, i have finished one final (sociology) which i am so happy about because i felt so stressed about it all the time. good news is i feel pretty okay about the test, which is different from the past tests i have taken in the class. crossing my fingers that i will get a somewhat decent grade in the class. on another note, my good friend chloee made this killer cd that is so great to listen to in a time of stress. a couple good songs are keep breathing-ingrid michaelson, lovely tonight-joshua radin, gotta have you-the weepies, heavy-holly brook, dream-priscella ahn, drop in the ocean-the district, and already gone-kelly clarkson. pretty much a legit cd all around. check it out. especially if you are studying for the dreaded week that is about to hit all college students.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

my life in pictures

here are some pictures of my life and what i love most about it

my family
these two people have been the greatest influences in my life. they have made me the person i am today and i feel so grateful for them every day. they are the best parents a girl could ask for.

delta gamma

the beginning of my fall semester i decided to rush for a sorority. delta gamma was the only house i was interested in even before i went through. dg has changed my life, giving me so many oppurtunities and memories already and it's only my first year. i love my pledge class aka g3 so much. i have met some of my bestest friends through delta gamma and can't wait for three more years of dg :)

my bff/gruesome/my big sissy

my best friend vanessa. probably the most amazing person i have ever met. she knows me better then i know myself. i love her with all my heart i can't even describe it. we have known each other since middle school and i can't wait til we are old ladies speed walking through the malls for our daily exercise.

the gruesome foursome. these girls complete me to no end. so many fun times with them.

this is masha my big sis and the best one at that. the second i met her i knew we would be good friends. we have so many things in common, i think we were destined to be a dg family.

everything university of utah (esp. football)
i am a freshman at the university of utah and it's been the best year of my life. it's such an experience.
one of the best things about going to the u is watching the football team. i have a weird love for college football.. i get very sad when the season ends. my birthday landed on the byu game and it was amazing when we doubled the score and dominated the cougars. we also had the chance to go to the sugar bowl and winning, making our team undefeated for the season!

first post

so my roomie aubree has this obsession with blogging and it has now hit me.