Monday, December 28, 2009


this break i have found a new movie to watch twenty times in two weeks. this movie is called the hangover, and it is a classic. it's about these four guys who go to vegas for a bachelor party, but have a little too much fun and don't remember anything that happened the night before. in the process of experiencing memory loss, they lose one of their friends aka the groom. they have to try and retrace their steps and remember what happened the night before to find their friend doug. i have watched this movie probably once each day within the last week and it gets better and better each time. bonus: bradley cooper. it is hilarious and still makes me laugh. if you haven't seen it yet i suggest watching it right now.

here are some quotes that make the movie what it is:
-"i didn't know they gave rings out at the holocaust"
-"i have a question. you probably get this a lot, but this isn't the real caesar's palace, is it?"
-"would you please put some pants on? i feel weird having to ask you twice."
-"we're a wolf pack of four, wandering the desert, searching for strippers and cocaine."
-"it's not a purse. it's a satchel. indiana jones wore one!"
-"he was a RAtard"
this song is probably my favorite part of the entire movie
"What do tigers dream of when they take their little tiger snooze? Do they dream of mauling zebras, or Halle Berry in her Catwoman suit? Don't you worry your pretty striped head, we're gonna get you back to Tyson and your cozy tiger bed. And then we're gonna find our best friend Doug, and then we're gonna give him a best friend hug. Doug, Doug, oh, Doug, Dougie, Dougie, Doug, Doug! But if he's been murdered by crystal meth tweakers, well then we're shit out of luck."

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

home for the holidays

christmas time. the time of year that i have grown to love even more with age. for me, it's not about the presents. it's about the way the tree sparkles with ornaments we have used since i was little, the lights framing my house, the snow glistening throughout the streets, the smell of christmas, the fireplace warming the room, the innocence of santa and how he puts excitement into every child, the birthday of jesus christ, a thought that sometimes gets lost in the presents and gift wrapping. christmas has become more complex for me. i don't care about what i receive or the value of a present. i care about remembering the one who gave this world life, the one who gave me a family that is good to me and loves me unconditionally. christmas puts cheer in my heart. it allows me to remember why my family is my world. it brings old friends together, in times of trouble and in times of joy. this christmas has taken me "home" for the holidays, allowing me to spend time with those who i have forgotten and spending more time with those that i haven't made time for. christmas brings nostalgia. warmth and comfort throughout my home and myself.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

xoxo gossip girl

.the men of my dreams.

Friday, December 4, 2009

keeps me going

"many people have told me that i've changed....but i think i have just found myself."

Thursday, November 26, 2009

give thanks

thanksgiving. a day of family. a day where i think of all the things i am grateful for. a day that makes me realize how lucky i am. i have thought a lot today about the things i am thankful for. my parents are at the top of that list along with my brother, kennedy. the fact that i have a roof over my head and that i could enjoy such a great dinner with the people i love the most in the world. besides that i am grateful for my friends, the ones i grew up with to the ones that are new, but i know they will be for a lifetime. i have gratitude towards my sorority sisters, to delta gamma, for helping me grow into a better person daily. allowing me to learn more about myself and those around me. i give thanks to all the great oppurtunities i have been given throughout my life. i am starting to realize that with each experience i encounter, the more it impacts me all together, and that makes me grateful for this life in general. it is just hitting me how blessed i am and how the world around me is such an amazing place. so thanksgiving, thank you, for helping me realize what this day stands for. that it is to recognize just how outstanding everything is and realize what this earth has to offer.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


on november 22nd, i stepped out of the teen realm and now have no choice in going back. i turned twenty and for some reason it has been kind of strange. i did not think that twenty would be such a big deal...but it is. is age really a number or does one year older make a complete difference in the person i am today? it is one year closer to twenty one, where the title of adult takes all ownership. i sense the twenties are when life has the most life altering changes. career choices, marriages, babies. i see this already taking effect on the people around me, those that i have loved and had in my life for many years. two of my best friends are engaged, so does that mean i am now behind schedule because i am older then them? not being a teen. i thought it would be soo nice to say i am twenty, but it sounds abnormal coming out of my mouth. i know i will eventually find love in the age of twenty. it is just going to take a while to warm up to.

Monday, November 2, 2009

for hope, for strength, for life.

some pictures of my beautiful pledge class, g3:

this week our new members have their i-week and it has made me realize how grateful i am to have my g3 girls. they are the most outstanding people i know. each one brings such a unique quality to our pledge class. i know that they are there for me whenever i need them. they are the core of why i love delta gamma so much. they experienced this week with me and we learned so much about each other and i could not ask for a better week in my life. i would never replace it or change it. the laughter, the tears, the excitement, everything about it. i will always have this bond with these girls in particular because we experienced the same week. i know i rant and rave about dg but it truly means the world to me and that is my two cents.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

.how i feel.

random thoughts for the day while i struggle to study in the library

  • school seems to not be on my side.
  • it snowed this last week, i now remember how much i love california.
  • the autumn leaves always put me in a better mood.
  • my mom is truly my best friend and seeing her always reminds me how great a woman she is.
  • delta gamma is my life. it is what i wake up to and fall asleep to. it inspires me to excel to my fullest potential.
  • american civilization is really pointless, and who really needs to know about history anyways.
  • i am addicted to big gulps-diet coke with lemon. that's the first time i have ever said that. it is frightening.
  • i wish i could remember how to play the piano. seven years of lessons did nothing.
  • i want to move to the east coast.
  • disney movies are the greatest. i would love to meet aladdin one day. i think i am in love with him.
  • my brother is eighteen and taller then me, i will be twenty in 21 days. when did i grow up?
  • i love my dg family. my big is the best example in the world and my little always puts a smile on my face.
  • i miss my cat, bandit.
  • my body is going to give out on me any day now.
  • i stay up way to late. and i am still asking myself why i took a 7 30 am class.
  • the ukulele is an amazing instrument.
  • i feel inspired when i watch the biggest loser. even though i am usually eating as i watch it. i really dislike tracy too.
  • i have found that priscilla ahn and rosi golan are pretty much the best thing to listen to right now.
  • even though i hate snow, i can't wait for christmas time. i love christmas music, the decorations, everything about it.
  • i am weirdly obsessed with glee. sweet caroline has become my ultimate favorite song because the boy who sang it on the show.
  • i wish the spice girls were still together. i feel like they truly got me when i was a preteen.
  • what really is muckraking?
  • i need to get back into giving back to the community. i forgot how much i enjoy it.
  • the utah football team has not done very well this year. it's very depressing. maybe next year.
  • parking behind the deeg is my ultimate pet peeve.
  • i would like my life to be like a fairy tale. with a prince charming and the happily ever after ending.
  • why are chuck bass and nate archibald fictional characters? it would be appreciated if they could just move to utah. gossip girl could still work well in the state.
  • i feel like i sleep in the middle of first south a good majority of the time.
  • oregon trail. the entertainment of my elementary days.
  • i miss some good friends on missions. did not realize how different it would be with them gone.
  • i am addicted to facebook.

Friday, October 9, 2009


this week we had our big/lil sis week for the new girls going through. i was ecstatic because i got to continue my family and be a big sister. each day we would get different things for them relating to me and her and then would leave silly clues for her to try and guess who i was. on thursday, we had the revealing and everyone found out who their big was. i got the best little named kate sackas. she is too legit and i absolutely love her. i am so excited to be a big sis and have someone i get to watch over now. it's weird that i am a sophomore now. i still feel like a freshman, but then i see our cute new pledges and remember that i am definitely not a freshman haha. here are some pictures of my beautiful little sis.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

new sisters

this last week, greek row got new additions to each house. our house took 36 hot new little dg pledges. i am seriously obsessed. after this week, it reminded me why i love dg so much and how grateful i am to have it in my life. i have met girls that i now could never live without. and i can't wait to get to know all the girls that just came through. i can't imagine what my life would like if i didn't have dg.

panhellenic dayphilanthropy day
waiting for the new girls!!
oh and the first football game was on the same day as bid day. we played utah state and won by quite a bit. can't wait for the rest of the season!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

one week down

so the first week of my sophomore year is officially over. it's kind of a surreal thing to think about. i only have classes on tuesdays and thursdays, 7:30 am to 1:45 pm. i know the early morning class makes me want to cry just thinking about it. after my first day i had this feeling of anxiety build up in me realizing how much i need to FOCUS this semester. that is the biggest key to me doing well this semester. the awful part about all my classes are tons and tons of reading. it is slightly stressing me out. fall recruitment started yesterday, first time going through on the other side. it was so much fun, but very exhausting. i can't wait to get new members in our house, especially since we just got the whole house remodeled with new furniture, painting, a new fire sprinkling system, etc. it looks so great! i am currently obsessed. the first football game is on thursday against utah state which is awesome because i have been having withdrawals from football recently due to my all of a sudden busy week. i feel real good about this fall. i can feel it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

orange sky

for me, music is a way to get away from reality for 3 minutes. it's what
can change my mood instantly. i find that music can mean so many different
things to certain people, depending on their experiences they are going through
at that moment in their life. it's weird how a song can remind you of that
certain someone or that moment when something life altering occurred.
one song in particular that i am obsessed with is orange sky by alexi murdoch. i could listen to this song over and over again and have a different emotion each time.
one question, what would this world be like without music? i would really not
like to think of that, music seems to be the only thing that stays constant in
my life.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a list

august has hit. i knew july was going to fly by. i am not complaining though i am ready for school. i have started a list of things i still need to do before school starts, maybe it will make the last part of summer interesting.
1. unclutter my closet. see if feng shui-ing my room actually works. my closet is exploding, i never thought the day would come where i go shopping and don't buy something because i am trying to picture where that piece of clothing will fit into my overpacked closet. i think that is my mothers voice inside my head turning into me. eek.
2. read a book. i haven't done this at all the entire summer, which is weird with all the time i have actually had. any suggestions for a good read??
3. finish buying books. i bought most of my books for school. is legit. classifying it under one of my best friends. but there are a couple books that i still need to get.
4. start running. i have made a goal to get back into jogging starting august 1st. that goal hasn't really started unfortunately. it's too dang hot after 10 am and i have the worse time getting up in the morning. tomorrow is the day, i can feel it.
5. cut down on the dc. diet coke has become an addiction, so i am planning on only having one a week until hopefully it becomes a once a month thing or not at all. water really is the best drink.
6. go on a hike once a week. a couple weeks ago i went hiking with my mom and enjoyed it wayyy too much. now i just need to make time to do it once a week.
7. camp. my stepdad got this killer new camper that i still haven't had the pleasure of enjoying.
8. boating. haven't gone boating once this entire summer. it is depressing to think about.
9. start packing up. move in date for the deeg is august 21 so i need to start getting my life all together in boxes. i am so excited to move in. i think fall semester is going to be unreal.
10. spend time with the family. my mom and i promised each other we would spend AT LEAST 8 hours a week together. i know it sounds awful promising such a thing, but it actually is really hard, with how we always seem to be home at different times.
11. get in one more road trip. i love these. and i get to experience one on saturday thanks to j. greer. we are going to stay at her house in san diego for a couple days. can't wait. i love the beach.
12. and last, ENJOY THE REST OF THE SUMMER. cause i know when that first snowflake hits the ground, i am going to be missing this 100 degree weather.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

new find

heard this quote today and for some reason it stuck.

"to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting" - e.e.cummings

Saturday, July 11, 2009


patience is a virtue. but not for me. i am probably the most impatient person alive (exaggeration yes. but maybe true?) i am not really sure why i lack the ability to be patient, but i feel like as i get older i need to try and develop this trait. i'd like to blame it on my mother, because that's what i do about a lot of things, such as the fact that i worry about everything. however i do not think i learned it from her. i hate waiting around for things, being late, and letting things happen in their own time. being patient has come up a lot in my life recently with decisions of what classes to take for school, what i actually want to be if i ever grow up, will i ever get married (i know this is crazy to think, but in utah it comes up a lot, even if you are only nineteen), all those weird thoughts that go on in a girls brain. i want a crystal ball so i can see if what i want is going to be the right thing for me. not this whole waiting it out and "being patient". but i guess i am going to need to figure out how to manage my tendency to be impatient because time machines and crystal balls don't really exist. sad story.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

independence day

so today is july 4th and i am shocked at how fast the summer has gone by. although i feel like it hasn't been much of a summer. the rain has thrown off everything which is kind of a bummer. i do love summer rain, but i also loved my tan that i had at the beginning of the summer. i feel like july is going to go by really quick, which has it's pros and cons. i am kind of pumped for a new school year. i miss all my dgs and miss studying??? (ahh. i really just said that.) but i think it is really i just miss being busy and feeling productive with my day. i kind of sort of love july. so i will just take it for what it's worth until august. then we will see how i feel about school. i can't wait for celebrating july 4th. i am in love with fireworks. they always put me in a good mood. i think it is because they remind me of disneyland. which i am also absolutely in love with.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

sad day in hollywood

michael jackson, farrah fawcett, and ed mcmahon all died today. not gonna lie i am a little upset about it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

movie weekend

this last weekend i went to three different movies and i thoroughly enjoyed each of them. on friday i went to seventeen again with my good friend, jordan greer. and i can now say that i am the new member of loving zac efron. i am pretty sure i had my mouth open the entire time, just in awe at how cute he is. i remember when he was on summerland a longg time ago, he definitely didn't look like that haha. on saturday i went to the proposal with ryan reynolds and sandra bullock (also with jordan greer). it was so funny and cute and ryan reynolds isn't half that bad to look at either. then on sunday, (fathers day) i went with my dad and brother to see year one with jack black. hilarious. it's your typical jack black movie but it was really entertaining so i was set. next movie on my list transformers 2. tonight at 12:10. i will be sporting my transformers shirt and can't wait. so excited!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

go greek!

so my new obsession this summer is the show greek. it's been on for a while but i started watching it more and more when i lived in the dg house and now i am completely hooked. i don't know what it is but i love it and wish that i sometimes could be a character in the show haha. i am in love with cappie as well. he is the new man of my dreams. and overall it's just a great show. simple as that.

too lateee

so i am lying in my bed. i can't sleep. story of my summer. for some reason i have the hardest time going to sleep before 2 in the am. currently i am watching zenon: the zequel. good memories of my days of wishing zenon was my best friend as we lived in outerspace with protozoa being the biggest thing next to the backstreet boys. i also am semi online shopping while i sit here in my bed. i know, dangerous. i wish i just had an endless amount of money for clothes. even though my closet is exploding from the excess amount of clothes i already have. maybe i will clean my closet tomorrow when i am sitting in my bed at 2:20 am......or not, it was a nice thought right?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my brain=dead

so i am currently sitting on my bed trying to get myself to write a paper slash maybe start studying for the week to come. i hate this part of school. i feel like my brain instantly turns off, which is really inconvinent since i need that for school. however, i have finished one final (sociology) which i am so happy about because i felt so stressed about it all the time. good news is i feel pretty okay about the test, which is different from the past tests i have taken in the class. crossing my fingers that i will get a somewhat decent grade in the class. on another note, my good friend chloee made this killer cd that is so great to listen to in a time of stress. a couple good songs are keep breathing-ingrid michaelson, lovely tonight-joshua radin, gotta have you-the weepies, heavy-holly brook, dream-priscella ahn, drop in the ocean-the district, and already gone-kelly clarkson. pretty much a legit cd all around. check it out. especially if you are studying for the dreaded week that is about to hit all college students.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

my life in pictures

here are some pictures of my life and what i love most about it

my family
these two people have been the greatest influences in my life. they have made me the person i am today and i feel so grateful for them every day. they are the best parents a girl could ask for.

delta gamma

the beginning of my fall semester i decided to rush for a sorority. delta gamma was the only house i was interested in even before i went through. dg has changed my life, giving me so many oppurtunities and memories already and it's only my first year. i love my pledge class aka g3 so much. i have met some of my bestest friends through delta gamma and can't wait for three more years of dg :)

my bff/gruesome/my big sissy

my best friend vanessa. probably the most amazing person i have ever met. she knows me better then i know myself. i love her with all my heart i can't even describe it. we have known each other since middle school and i can't wait til we are old ladies speed walking through the malls for our daily exercise.

the gruesome foursome. these girls complete me to no end. so many fun times with them.

this is masha my big sis and the best one at that. the second i met her i knew we would be good friends. we have so many things in common, i think we were destined to be a dg family.

everything university of utah (esp. football)
i am a freshman at the university of utah and it's been the best year of my life. it's such an experience.
one of the best things about going to the u is watching the football team. i have a weird love for college football.. i get very sad when the season ends. my birthday landed on the byu game and it was amazing when we doubled the score and dominated the cougars. we also had the chance to go to the sugar bowl and winning, making our team undefeated for the season!

first post

so my roomie aubree has this obsession with blogging and it has now hit me.