Sunday, November 1, 2009

.how i feel.

random thoughts for the day while i struggle to study in the library

  • school seems to not be on my side.
  • it snowed this last week, i now remember how much i love california.
  • the autumn leaves always put me in a better mood.
  • my mom is truly my best friend and seeing her always reminds me how great a woman she is.
  • delta gamma is my life. it is what i wake up to and fall asleep to. it inspires me to excel to my fullest potential.
  • american civilization is really pointless, and who really needs to know about history anyways.
  • i am addicted to big gulps-diet coke with lemon. that's the first time i have ever said that. it is frightening.
  • i wish i could remember how to play the piano. seven years of lessons did nothing.
  • i want to move to the east coast.
  • disney movies are the greatest. i would love to meet aladdin one day. i think i am in love with him.
  • my brother is eighteen and taller then me, i will be twenty in 21 days. when did i grow up?
  • i love my dg family. my big is the best example in the world and my little always puts a smile on my face.
  • i miss my cat, bandit.
  • my body is going to give out on me any day now.
  • i stay up way to late. and i am still asking myself why i took a 7 30 am class.
  • the ukulele is an amazing instrument.
  • i feel inspired when i watch the biggest loser. even though i am usually eating as i watch it. i really dislike tracy too.
  • i have found that priscilla ahn and rosi golan are pretty much the best thing to listen to right now.
  • even though i hate snow, i can't wait for christmas time. i love christmas music, the decorations, everything about it.
  • i am weirdly obsessed with glee. sweet caroline has become my ultimate favorite song because the boy who sang it on the show.
  • i wish the spice girls were still together. i feel like they truly got me when i was a preteen.
  • what really is muckraking?
  • i need to get back into giving back to the community. i forgot how much i enjoy it.
  • the utah football team has not done very well this year. it's very depressing. maybe next year.
  • parking behind the deeg is my ultimate pet peeve.
  • i would like my life to be like a fairy tale. with a prince charming and the happily ever after ending.
  • why are chuck bass and nate archibald fictional characters? it would be appreciated if they could just move to utah. gossip girl could still work well in the state.
  • i feel like i sleep in the middle of first south a good majority of the time.
  • oregon trail. the entertainment of my elementary days.
  • i miss some good friends on missions. did not realize how different it would be with them gone.
  • i am addicted to facebook.

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