Tuesday, November 24, 2009


on november 22nd, i stepped out of the teen realm and now have no choice in going back. i turned twenty and for some reason it has been kind of strange. i did not think that twenty would be such a big deal...but it is. is age really a number or does one year older make a complete difference in the person i am today? it is one year closer to twenty one, where the title of adult takes all ownership. i sense the twenties are when life has the most life altering changes. career choices, marriages, babies. i see this already taking effect on the people around me, those that i have loved and had in my life for many years. two of my best friends are engaged, so does that mean i am now behind schedule because i am older then them? not being a teen. i thought it would be soo nice to say i am twenty, but it sounds abnormal coming out of my mouth. i know i will eventually find love in the age of twenty. it is just going to take a while to warm up to.

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