Thursday, November 26, 2009

give thanks

thanksgiving. a day of family. a day where i think of all the things i am grateful for. a day that makes me realize how lucky i am. i have thought a lot today about the things i am thankful for. my parents are at the top of that list along with my brother, kennedy. the fact that i have a roof over my head and that i could enjoy such a great dinner with the people i love the most in the world. besides that i am grateful for my friends, the ones i grew up with to the ones that are new, but i know they will be for a lifetime. i have gratitude towards my sorority sisters, to delta gamma, for helping me grow into a better person daily. allowing me to learn more about myself and those around me. i give thanks to all the great oppurtunities i have been given throughout my life. i am starting to realize that with each experience i encounter, the more it impacts me all together, and that makes me grateful for this life in general. it is just hitting me how blessed i am and how the world around me is such an amazing place. so thanksgiving, thank you, for helping me realize what this day stands for. that it is to recognize just how outstanding everything is and realize what this earth has to offer.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


on november 22nd, i stepped out of the teen realm and now have no choice in going back. i turned twenty and for some reason it has been kind of strange. i did not think that twenty would be such a big deal...but it is. is age really a number or does one year older make a complete difference in the person i am today? it is one year closer to twenty one, where the title of adult takes all ownership. i sense the twenties are when life has the most life altering changes. career choices, marriages, babies. i see this already taking effect on the people around me, those that i have loved and had in my life for many years. two of my best friends are engaged, so does that mean i am now behind schedule because i am older then them? not being a teen. i thought it would be soo nice to say i am twenty, but it sounds abnormal coming out of my mouth. i know i will eventually find love in the age of twenty. it is just going to take a while to warm up to.

Monday, November 2, 2009

for hope, for strength, for life.

some pictures of my beautiful pledge class, g3:

this week our new members have their i-week and it has made me realize how grateful i am to have my g3 girls. they are the most outstanding people i know. each one brings such a unique quality to our pledge class. i know that they are there for me whenever i need them. they are the core of why i love delta gamma so much. they experienced this week with me and we learned so much about each other and i could not ask for a better week in my life. i would never replace it or change it. the laughter, the tears, the excitement, everything about it. i will always have this bond with these girls in particular because we experienced the same week. i know i rant and rave about dg but it truly means the world to me and that is my two cents.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

.how i feel.

random thoughts for the day while i struggle to study in the library

  • school seems to not be on my side.
  • it snowed this last week, i now remember how much i love california.
  • the autumn leaves always put me in a better mood.
  • my mom is truly my best friend and seeing her always reminds me how great a woman she is.
  • delta gamma is my life. it is what i wake up to and fall asleep to. it inspires me to excel to my fullest potential.
  • american civilization is really pointless, and who really needs to know about history anyways.
  • i am addicted to big gulps-diet coke with lemon. that's the first time i have ever said that. it is frightening.
  • i wish i could remember how to play the piano. seven years of lessons did nothing.
  • i want to move to the east coast.
  • disney movies are the greatest. i would love to meet aladdin one day. i think i am in love with him.
  • my brother is eighteen and taller then me, i will be twenty in 21 days. when did i grow up?
  • i love my dg family. my big is the best example in the world and my little always puts a smile on my face.
  • i miss my cat, bandit.
  • my body is going to give out on me any day now.
  • i stay up way to late. and i am still asking myself why i took a 7 30 am class.
  • the ukulele is an amazing instrument.
  • i feel inspired when i watch the biggest loser. even though i am usually eating as i watch it. i really dislike tracy too.
  • i have found that priscilla ahn and rosi golan are pretty much the best thing to listen to right now.
  • even though i hate snow, i can't wait for christmas time. i love christmas music, the decorations, everything about it.
  • i am weirdly obsessed with glee. sweet caroline has become my ultimate favorite song because the boy who sang it on the show.
  • i wish the spice girls were still together. i feel like they truly got me when i was a preteen.
  • what really is muckraking?
  • i need to get back into giving back to the community. i forgot how much i enjoy it.
  • the utah football team has not done very well this year. it's very depressing. maybe next year.
  • parking behind the deeg is my ultimate pet peeve.
  • i would like my life to be like a fairy tale. with a prince charming and the happily ever after ending.
  • why are chuck bass and nate archibald fictional characters? it would be appreciated if they could just move to utah. gossip girl could still work well in the state.
  • i feel like i sleep in the middle of first south a good majority of the time.
  • oregon trail. the entertainment of my elementary days.
  • i miss some good friends on missions. did not realize how different it would be with them gone.
  • i am addicted to facebook.