Saturday, July 11, 2009


patience is a virtue. but not for me. i am probably the most impatient person alive (exaggeration yes. but maybe true?) i am not really sure why i lack the ability to be patient, but i feel like as i get older i need to try and develop this trait. i'd like to blame it on my mother, because that's what i do about a lot of things, such as the fact that i worry about everything. however i do not think i learned it from her. i hate waiting around for things, being late, and letting things happen in their own time. being patient has come up a lot in my life recently with decisions of what classes to take for school, what i actually want to be if i ever grow up, will i ever get married (i know this is crazy to think, but in utah it comes up a lot, even if you are only nineteen), all those weird thoughts that go on in a girls brain. i want a crystal ball so i can see if what i want is going to be the right thing for me. not this whole waiting it out and "being patient". but i guess i am going to need to figure out how to manage my tendency to be impatient because time machines and crystal balls don't really exist. sad story.

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