Saturday, July 4, 2009

independence day

so today is july 4th and i am shocked at how fast the summer has gone by. although i feel like it hasn't been much of a summer. the rain has thrown off everything which is kind of a bummer. i do love summer rain, but i also loved my tan that i had at the beginning of the summer. i feel like july is going to go by really quick, which has it's pros and cons. i am kind of pumped for a new school year. i miss all my dgs and miss studying??? (ahh. i really just said that.) but i think it is really i just miss being busy and feeling productive with my day. i kind of sort of love july. so i will just take it for what it's worth until august. then we will see how i feel about school. i can't wait for celebrating july 4th. i am in love with fireworks. they always put me in a good mood. i think it is because they remind me of disneyland. which i am also absolutely in love with.

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