Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a list

august has hit. i knew july was going to fly by. i am not complaining though i am ready for school. i have started a list of things i still need to do before school starts, maybe it will make the last part of summer interesting.
1. unclutter my closet. see if feng shui-ing my room actually works. my closet is exploding, i never thought the day would come where i go shopping and don't buy something because i am trying to picture where that piece of clothing will fit into my overpacked closet. i think that is my mothers voice inside my head turning into me. eek.
2. read a book. i haven't done this at all the entire summer, which is weird with all the time i have actually had. any suggestions for a good read??
3. finish buying books. i bought most of my books for school. half.com is legit. classifying it under one of my best friends. but there are a couple books that i still need to get.
4. start running. i have made a goal to get back into jogging starting august 1st. that goal hasn't really started unfortunately. it's too dang hot after 10 am and i have the worse time getting up in the morning. tomorrow is the day, i can feel it.
5. cut down on the dc. diet coke has become an addiction, so i am planning on only having one a week until hopefully it becomes a once a month thing or not at all. water really is the best drink.
6. go on a hike once a week. a couple weeks ago i went hiking with my mom and enjoyed it wayyy too much. now i just need to make time to do it once a week.
7. camp. my stepdad got this killer new camper that i still haven't had the pleasure of enjoying.
8. boating. haven't gone boating once this entire summer. it is depressing to think about.
9. start packing up. move in date for the deeg is august 21 so i need to start getting my life all together in boxes. i am so excited to move in. i think fall semester is going to be unreal.
10. spend time with the family. my mom and i promised each other we would spend AT LEAST 8 hours a week together. i know it sounds awful promising such a thing, but it actually is really hard, with how we always seem to be home at different times.
11. get in one more road trip. i love these. and i get to experience one on saturday thanks to j. greer. we are going to stay at her house in san diego for a couple days. can't wait. i love the beach.
12. and last, ENJOY THE REST OF THE SUMMER. cause i know when that first snowflake hits the ground, i am going to be missing this 100 degree weather.

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