Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my brain=dead

so i am currently sitting on my bed trying to get myself to write a paper slash maybe start studying for the week to come. i hate this part of school. i feel like my brain instantly turns off, which is really inconvinent since i need that for school. however, i have finished one final (sociology) which i am so happy about because i felt so stressed about it all the time. good news is i feel pretty okay about the test, which is different from the past tests i have taken in the class. crossing my fingers that i will get a somewhat decent grade in the class. on another note, my good friend chloee made this killer cd that is so great to listen to in a time of stress. a couple good songs are keep breathing-ingrid michaelson, lovely tonight-joshua radin, gotta have you-the weepies, heavy-holly brook, dream-priscella ahn, drop in the ocean-the district, and already gone-kelly clarkson. pretty much a legit cd all around. check it out. especially if you are studying for the dreaded week that is about to hit all college students.

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  1. I love that you have a blog and i completely agree with this post! i hate finals...