Monday, December 28, 2009


this break i have found a new movie to watch twenty times in two weeks. this movie is called the hangover, and it is a classic. it's about these four guys who go to vegas for a bachelor party, but have a little too much fun and don't remember anything that happened the night before. in the process of experiencing memory loss, they lose one of their friends aka the groom. they have to try and retrace their steps and remember what happened the night before to find their friend doug. i have watched this movie probably once each day within the last week and it gets better and better each time. bonus: bradley cooper. it is hilarious and still makes me laugh. if you haven't seen it yet i suggest watching it right now.

here are some quotes that make the movie what it is:
-"i didn't know they gave rings out at the holocaust"
-"i have a question. you probably get this a lot, but this isn't the real caesar's palace, is it?"
-"would you please put some pants on? i feel weird having to ask you twice."
-"we're a wolf pack of four, wandering the desert, searching for strippers and cocaine."
-"it's not a purse. it's a satchel. indiana jones wore one!"
-"he was a RAtard"
this song is probably my favorite part of the entire movie
"What do tigers dream of when they take their little tiger snooze? Do they dream of mauling zebras, or Halle Berry in her Catwoman suit? Don't you worry your pretty striped head, we're gonna get you back to Tyson and your cozy tiger bed. And then we're gonna find our best friend Doug, and then we're gonna give him a best friend hug. Doug, Doug, oh, Doug, Dougie, Dougie, Doug, Doug! But if he's been murdered by crystal meth tweakers, well then we're shit out of luck."

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