Tuesday, December 22, 2009

home for the holidays

christmas time. the time of year that i have grown to love even more with age. for me, it's not about the presents. it's about the way the tree sparkles with ornaments we have used since i was little, the lights framing my house, the snow glistening throughout the streets, the smell of christmas, the fireplace warming the room, the innocence of santa and how he puts excitement into every child, the birthday of jesus christ, a thought that sometimes gets lost in the presents and gift wrapping. christmas has become more complex for me. i don't care about what i receive or the value of a present. i care about remembering the one who gave this world life, the one who gave me a family that is good to me and loves me unconditionally. christmas puts cheer in my heart. it allows me to remember why my family is my world. it brings old friends together, in times of trouble and in times of joy. this christmas has taken me "home" for the holidays, allowing me to spend time with those who i have forgotten and spending more time with those that i haven't made time for. christmas brings nostalgia. warmth and comfort throughout my home and myself.

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