Tuesday, June 23, 2009

movie weekend

this last weekend i went to three different movies and i thoroughly enjoyed each of them. on friday i went to seventeen again with my good friend, jordan greer. and i can now say that i am the new member of loving zac efron. i am pretty sure i had my mouth open the entire time, just in awe at how cute he is. i remember when he was on summerland a longg time ago, he definitely didn't look like that haha. on saturday i went to the proposal with ryan reynolds and sandra bullock (also with jordan greer). it was so funny and cute and ryan reynolds isn't half that bad to look at either. then on sunday, (fathers day) i went with my dad and brother to see year one with jack black. hilarious. it's your typical jack black movie but it was really entertaining so i was set. next movie on my list transformers 2. tonight at 12:10. i will be sporting my transformers shirt and can't wait. so excited!


  1. you go girl!!! i wish i had that kind of freedom!! missin ya! love ya!

  2. I haven't seen any of those so thanks for the reviews on them! now I want to see them! PS I miss you!!!!