Wednesday, January 6, 2010


it is interesting to think about how the opposite state is always a little more appealing. for example, i have straight hair therefore i want curly hair. i am taller so i long to be shorter. when it's cold outside i want it to be hot. the boy that like you, you don't like, but the one you want, you can't have. if i had the opposites i know i would want all these things vice versa. this whole entire break, i have done nothing. nothing at all. i have packed up boxes here and there, but whenever i have a break off of school, i long to be right back in it. i don't understand this feeling because i know in two weeks i will be wanting to be in my bed watching abc and disney marathons slash my new obsession for jersey shore and facebooking til my eyes get tired. i guess it's the old saying "you want what you can't have." so at this point, i guess i will just embrace my straight hair, my height, and the cold weather and maybe one day i will understand why this happens in our lives.

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  1. dude i'm totally there with you!!!! i'm excited for school... but then again doing nothing all day is so nice!!!