Wednesday, May 19, 2010

rain, rain, come again.

utah has turned into seattle. and i am not complaining at all. as much as i love summer and laying out, i have found comfort in the recent downpour of water. rain. it replenishes our earth. it provides us with beautiful flowers. it keeps our rivers and lakes intact. it gives us the opportunity to sing and dance with no worries (with tap shoes, if you would like). it has started a fashion trend=rainboots. it has formed puddles that we can play in til we are soaking wet. it gives us sweet music to listen to as it pitter patters against our window.yes, rain may be gloomy, but it also gives us the chance to be grateful for the sun as well. and it's sorta nice to have a break from the billion degree utah weather that occurs in the summer. so rain rain don't go away. you are fitting my mood perfectly right now. keep coming until i decide that clouds are not the best therapy.

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  1. Love this! I love the rain too and whenever it would start raining as a kid when I was driving with my mom she would turn it to the outside vent so we could smell it in the car :)