Sunday, April 25, 2010

they say home is where the heart is. i guess i haven't found my home.

ingrid spoke to me today. she tends to do that a lot. i have been thinking a lot about my home aka sandy. i know it's only twenty minutes from my humble abode of the deeg, but it has gained some very special importance to me this semester. i never realized how much i take for the granted the beautiful place i was raised in. at one point i thought my life had moved up to the u, to the big city of salt lake, but now i am realizing, my life is still residing in sandy and i am so very happy it has waited for me there. every time i take the drive to foothill blvd, hop on the i-215, say hello to suicide rock, pass the ocean and molcasalsa, take a glimpse at all the fast food joints i kept in business as a high schooler, then take that right turn onto creek road, i realize that i am home and it's comforting. it's that safe zone that some don't get. i use to hate this drive. and now i cherish it and do everything in my power to stay in that bubble. the people that love me most. my parents and nerdherd. they reside in this small bubble and it's nice to know that i can always just take a twenty minute drive to return to it. i have never been so ecstatic to enjoy my summer in sandy. i forgot how much i love the nice weather there. the trees are different, almost like they carry an innocence (ya that sounded way crazy i know) i'd like to thank ingrid and her great song "are we there yet" for helping me remember where the heart is, and that i have definitely found my home.

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