Monday, April 19, 2010

out of body

An outer body experience can be defined as the process of transiently separating the consciousness (spirit) from the physical body, such that the person and world are observed from outside of the body. I read more about this experience and found it occurred mostly in the cases of religious and spiritual situations, however for me it does not quite match up with that. I feel as though I am watching myself grow into a woman (not just a girl, but a grown woman) I can see my thoughts changing. I am grasping things from a better perspective, I am learning to take things with a grain of salt. I can literally see myself changing, not just feeling it. I feel like a bystander watching this transformation and it is rather exciting. That slump I have talked about...yes I am still in it, however, I have made some changes recently within myself, at least I think I have, and it is interesting how I feel. Refreshed. That's a good way to describe my feeling. As confused as I am about life, I also have this arms wide open mentality that I haven't had and it is somewhat comforting...and frightening at the same time. I never thought that I could learn more about myself. I thought I had figured that part out. But with each lesson I learn, I find that it builds me up into more of a person, every trail I go through gives me character, adding to Katelyn (yes, I just referred to myself in third person, it's that whole outer body deal) Okay, so maybe I am a late bloomer and everyone has already experienced this part of their life, but I just wanted to ramble about it. Even if my rambles aren't read, it's nice to sort it out. If you do read this, I apologize for my jumbled thoughts. Hope they are semi entertaining.

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