Wednesday, March 31, 2010

taggg. you're it!

i was tagged by my good friend chlo!

What song has captured your mind lately?
pursuit of happiness-kid cudi

What TV show do you catch regularly?
gossip girl

What book really has lately engaged you?
my chemistry book

What movie do you find yourself re-watching?

What is something that is over-rated lately?
everything on the radio

What is the best kept secret in music you NEED to share?
pandora. it's the only way to go. has saved me quite a bit while studying.

What comfort food has been important to you as of late?
tortilla chips. i know, it's weird.

What place is your hiding place?
the marriot library

Do you collect anything? if so what?
chlo took mine, which is quotes. i look at one each day. it seems to make things become clear.

What beverage is a daily consumable to you?
orange juice? i kicked the dc habit.

What store or shop do you frequent the most?

Who are your favorite male/women celebs?
male-bradley cooper
female-i am loving sandra bullock right now.

Favorite Color as of late?

i tagggg...heidi!

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