Monday, March 1, 2010

dear jane. i blogged.

hi my name is katelyn and i haven't blogged for quite some time. so yes it's been a while since me and the blog world have had a date. i just haven't had much to talk about. my thoughts haven't been as insightful as i hope they usually are. let's just say i have been in what many call a rutt, slump, funk...all the above? i thought that once you hit the age of twenty, things start making a little more sense. wow was i wrong. however i came across this blog post via chloee via rockstar diaries that made me feel like i had something worthy to blog about. so here i am. it's called katelyn's list of 10 things that make her terribly happy. even if blog readers don't care, it will help me with that "all the above" problem i have been experiencing recently.

katelyn's list of 10 things that make her terribly happy

1. mocha's from beans and brew. the best pick me up ever.
2. running miles through the avenues.
3. discovering new music that no one knows about.
4. online shopping. expecting a delivery any day now actually.
5. cuddling. it makes you feel so safe.
6. finding a quote and applying it to my day.
7. fuzzy socks. my feet have a circulation problem apparently.
8. long drives at night with the best of friends.
9. disneyland.
10. star gazing. it's great when you get a shooting star to wish on.

i feel like with a busy schedule, i never seem to sit back and realize just how great my life is. okay so there are times where i am almost positive lady luck is out to get me, however, i am beginning to understand that maybe it's a test. and i am experiencing lessons that i must overcome and learn from. yes, i am just figuring this out. it's that whole patient stubborn attitude i was so lucky to gain as a child. here is my list, i suggest you make one too. because i guess it's always nice to be terribly happy.

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