Thursday, March 11, 2010


this woman right here is my mother. but she isn't just my mom, she is my best friend. she is my heart. i am her. when i am upset, just hearing her say hello will make me cry, because she is my comfort zone. she doesn't judge me for the person i am or the decisions i make. words to describe her-outstanding. beautiful. strong. funny. stubborn. poised. smart. loving. a little paranoid (but you gotta love it). caring. i take advantage of her. this mother LOVES to check up on me quite a bit. i get annoyed. but i forget that it is because she absolutely adores me and that i am her world. it's so nice knowing that i have the heart of someone who will never leave me because of the person i am. she will always love me. the bond of a mother and daughter is truly amazing. i am starting to realize that our bond is strengthening with each day. i value her more and more each day. i find myself still needing my mom everyday, even though i am getting older. i still enjoy cuddling with her on sunday afternoons. i still love when she does my hair. i still think that she is the most beautiful woman i know. she has taught me everything. she has given me values and structure. she has allowed me to grow on my own but guided me in the right direction when i have been led astray. this is my mom jenny. and she's pretty great.

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